MP3 Tag Express

MP3 Tag Express is the quickest and easiest way to edit and fix your music tags and rename your audio files. Operate on groups of files or files across multiple folders at the same time using powerful time saving features that turn hours of work into minutes.

People with limited technical knowledge will appreciate the simplicity of its design, while the technically advanced will appreciate its flexibility, efficiency, and advanced power features.

The most common editing tasks are made simple using a wealth of file and tag editing functions. Trim or substitute numbers, junk characters and custom text for one or many files at the same time. Re-organize and re-number groups of files with speed and ease, even when working with hundreds of tracks, making it ideal for audio books. All file name and tag changes can be rolled-back using multi-level Undo.
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73 votes Vote

Make a portable version that I can install on the external hard drive that holds my music library

Laurel, 28.07.2012, 07:33
25 votes Vote

Have an option to change the screen colours, a darker background would better.

Mike A, 28.07.2012, 10:32
1 comment
9 votes Vote

make an android version for this

would be great to port this to android - (forget iOS, Apple sucks)
Ton, 28.07.2012, 13:26
7 votes Vote

be able to slow down or speed up playback of the music

Andrew, 28.07.2012, 13:53
1 vote Vote

sort track #'s numerically rather than by characters. Then '10' would sort after '9' and not '1'.

Steve Squier, 28.07.2012, 17:28
1 vote Vote

Change the program's icon! It doesn't look nice (i mean it looks ugly, and i could not understand the icon until i go to Help/About)

User, 28.07.2012, 23:43
0 votes Vote

be able to prepend zeros to track number itself

I want to be able to change the track number in the Trk # field to be 001 002 003 etc. Some players use this field first for organizing playback order, Without it you can get a playback order of 1 11 111 instead of 1 2 3. I know you can do it in...
DanD, 28.07.2012, 15:17
0 votes Vote


Be able to search whole drives for ALL MP3's &/or Multiple drives - then allow user to delete duplicates and/or pick which ones to keep and work on - I know I have thousands of duplicate files & some are terrible rip-jobs (I own thousands of...
Thomas Roberts, 28.07.2012, 17:17
0 votes Vote

I would like to have a

"find duplicates" function.
Marianne, 28.07.2012, 19:46
0 votes Vote

Add remove arist from filename AND copy to artist at the same time. Stop it having to save each change, make clone options work on ALL files. Enable multiple changes, and add a execute button. Enable copy names from album for all tracks not one by on

David Woodroof, 29.07.2012, 11:05